Bengaluru- ​Follow up SPIR-IT Summit Event

follow up SPIR-IT summit event, at Bangalore with support of IT wing on 8-9 March 2018. The event is graced by the keynote address of our Divine Sister ​BK ​Aruna ​from Quwait. The event is added value with significant presence of ex IFS officer Mr Nagaraj Parthasarathy.
SPIR-IT Summit is one of unique event for the group of like-minded senior leaders in the IT and related industries. We have organized two events namely CXO dialogue on 8th March and HR summit on 9th Oct. IT- Prog-10-03-01 copy

CXO Dialogue: We have invited a group of key C-suite corporate and industry leaders, as a follow up to our earlier summit as well , from IT and related fields to dialogue on the theme of creating wellness structures in the organization through wise leadership.

HR Summit: This was another follow up event for the HR senior leaders from the corporate and industries from IT and related fields to dialogue on the theme of Promoting and implementing structures of wellness among employees in their respective organization.

Event was conducted at Varadhani Bhavan , Bangalore with wonderful spiritual ambience. We have received very active participation from more than 20 companies representing multi nationals as well as Indian origin, represented by nearly 50 leaders divided into 2 groups – CXOs and HR leaders. The participating organizations include Cisco, Philips, Accenture, HSBC, Belden, Synapse, Chipware Technologies, Pardata systems, i4 communications, Zinco, flightshop, Commscope etc. to name a few apart from many others.

The Program highlighted the key problems at work & in today’s life such as Mind Wandering, stress , lack of lasting Peace , happiness & harmony within & outside. The key solution for these is to improve our RESPONSE … ABILITY to various situations in life through Raja Yoga Meditation. It helps in getting rid of the dis- ease of mind and builds holistic Wellness including mind, body & spirit thereby improving Corporate Wellness and mindfulness at work place

Another program was organized on 10th March for all IT and related professionals to give a session on Inner Resilience to Outer Agility. We have about 100 participants from various organizations across different categories took part in this deep divine session conducted sister Aruna Ladva. National co-ordinator, Kuwait.

This Program highlighted that the inner negativety is the major road block to achieve the inner Resilience & outer Agility. The key solution is to build inner positivity & mind power through Raja Yoga Meditation.Raja Yoga Meditation flexes the muscles of the mind to build up mental Resilience and develop Agility & Strength to easily handle any situation. The Program concluded by presenting a brief overview of the Rajayoga , suggested brief ideas as to how to Practice it at work & life and proposed next level steps to bring a positive change within self and work. The family witnessed felicitation of the divine angel. The special class on the topic ‘Coaching the mind’ with proper care &spiritual harnessing you can coach your mind to become best friend and the other concept that the crowd of 300 enjoyed was ‘ Meditation lab ‘ which deals with the difficulties in the yogic path.

Felicitation of 50 Sports Persons at Mangalore centre

On 27th August at Mangaluru centre Sports day was celebrated
Smt Vandana Shanbaug Arjuna awardee and an Olympian and Nearly 50 sports persons who won in Nationals were felicitated.

Chief Guests were
1. Sri. J R Lobo, MLA Mangaluru
2. Smt. Kavita sanil – Mayor of Mangaluru and she is karate national champion
3. Smt. Vandana Shanbaug – Arjuna awardee and Olympian she was an athlete and contemporary of P T Usha
4. Sri. Pradeep Desouza – Deputy Director of Department Sports and Youth affairs.
5. Sri. Balakrishna Kottari – Managing Trustee of Surya Narayan temple Maroli
6. Sri. Dayanand Mada – Senior Physical education teacher
B K Vishweshwari centre in charge of Mangalore gave Godly message at the function

Inaugrate Sthri Bhandu Multipurpose Sawharda Co-Operative Socity – 4th Aniversery ,Shimoga.

DSC05290Inauguration – Deepa Lighting by BK Anasuya ji with Bishop Francis Serrao ,Father Felix, Prasannakumar,M L A Shimoga and in Presence other VIP’s.

Dadi Ratan Mohiniji’s Visit to Bangalore

In the Presence Of Dadi Ratan Mohiniji’s visit to Bangalore, Youth Retreat – ” Key To Succeess” & “Universal Brotherhood Celebrations- Raksha Bandhan Mahotsav ” was done very enthusiastically at Jakkur Retreat centre. ​Rajyogini B.K. Ratan Mohini Dadi, Joint Chief of Brachma Kumaris, has graced the occassion and given the words of wisdom.

Many Non Bk’s & Bk’s have took the ben​efit from the event.​ Rajyogini B.K. Padma Behanji, Sub-Zonal Director, Bangalore City, has explained the significance of Raksha Bandan, Sri. Sarigama Viji, famous Kannda comidy actor, producer and director, Sri. Ananth Kumar, Co-ordinator, Kann​a​da Film industry, Sri. B.T.S. Nagaraj, Congress leader were present on the occassion. B.K. Roopa Behan, senior B.K. teacher, has given keynote speech. More than 1000 people have participated and get tied the scared rakhi. ​

Dadiji has inspired the youth by her words of wisdom & more than 500 students took the benifit from the same..In the presence of many delegates, Dadiji has graced the Universal Brotherhood Celebrations & being given blessings / inspirations by dadiji. More than 1000 members get tied the sacred Rakhi.


Rakhee was tied Brahmakumari B.K.PALAKKABasaweshwaranagar ,Bangalore (Karanataka) IMG-20170807-WA0035

  1. 1. Suresh kumar – MLA of Bangalore(Rajajinagar constution )

and was very interested to visit Madhuban.

  1. 2.  Sri M.Venugopal – Assistent commissioner of police,  Bangalore(KAR) – He was very much interested to visit centre to learn meditation.
  1. 3Sri Raghuveer gowda – Yough congress president of Karanataka-  He appreciated our instutuion and was very much interested to visit centre to learn

Bangalore – VV Puram: International yoga day on 21st June

DSC_1213On the occasion of International Yoga Day of Yoga organized by Ayush Karnataka, at  Kanteerava stadium, Bengaluru, Respected brother BK Mruthyunjaya and B.k.Ambika behenji  zonal in charge v.v.puram bangalore have spoken on behalf of Brahma Kumaris and 50 bks were on the stage giving a practical glimpse of meditation.

Nearly 7000 people had gathered including principle secretary health gov of Karnataka Smt.

​ ​

Shalini Rajneesh , director Ayush and joint directors and yoga gurus from different yoga institutions graced the occasion.  Programme was relayed in many TV channels.​

Mothers’ Day celebrations at Bangalore- Basavanagudi center: ​Member of Parliament Shri Kupendra Reddy Attends


On the occasion of the Mothers Day there was ​felicitation of around 260 mathas​ (mothers) ​ who are in knowledge for more than 15 years. Speaking on the occasion ​​Member of Parliament Shri Kupendra Reddy told that Indians whose Dharmshastra is Bhagwat gita don’t know even the 1st chapter of the text. He was happy that here gita is learned daily and inculcated in their lives.

Other guests Smt. Nandini Vittal (Singer), Smt. Manjula Subramanya (social activist) and Smt Mahalakshmi (film producer) were elated to be present in such a pure environment and felt blessed to see so many women bala​n​cing their gruhastha and paramartha successfully.(Rt. to left)

The Audit team from Madhuban were also part of the celebration.​ ​Trimurthi Ramesh Bhai from Madhuban, Ambika behnji, Nirmala behnji of Hubli and Suganda behnji of Hindupur (AP) greeted the gathering.

12 Jyothirlinga Darshan, Astalakshmi Darshan service


12 Jyothirlinga Darshan, Astalakshmi Darshan and Chaitanya Devi Darshan programme was conducted on 13 and 14th October 2016 at Sheshadri Kalyana Mantapam, Kongareddypalli,  Chittoor.  Smt. Sathyaprabha, M.L.A.,   Sri. Srinivas, Mayour, Chittoor Corporation, Sri. Babuprasad Reddy, Corporator, Sri. Badarinath, Telugu Desham Party Leader,  Rajyoga Teachers B.K. Ramani, B.K. Kala  and B.K. Kalyani  and B.K. Sathyavathakka, senior B.K. Student and others were also presented on the occassion.

Rajyoga Meditation

संसार का हर मनुष्य सुख–शांति की तलाश में रोज मंदिर, मस्जिद, चर्च, गुरूद्वारे में गुहार लगा रहा है। पूजा, पाठ, आरती, व्रत, उपवास, तीर्थ आदि धक्के खा खाकर इंसान थक गया है लेकिन सुख शांति आज भी कोसों दूर है.. बल्कि दुख, अशांति बढ़ती जा रही है, इसका एकमात्र कारण है देह अभिमान में वृद्धि होना और इन सब समस्याओं का एकमात्र निवारण और सुख, शान्ति का एकमात्र रास्ता स्व आत्मा का ज्ञान और परमात्मा की सही पहचान । इसी सत्य ईश्वरीय ज्ञान से और ईश्वर प्रदत्त राजयोग मेडिटेशन से सच्ची सुख, शान्ति का खजाना सहज ही मिल जाता है और सारा जीवन तनाव मुक्त होकर खुशहाल हो जाता है।”

जिसमें प्रात: 10 से 12 एवं संध्या 5 से8 बजे तक राजयोग मेडिटेशन का नि:शुल्क प्रशिक्षण दिया जायेगा