Bengaluru- ​Follow up SPIR-IT Summit Event


follow up SPIR-IT summit event, at Bangalore with support of IT wing on 8-9 March 2018. The event is graced by the keynote address of our Divine Sister ​BK ​Aruna ​from Quwait. The event is added value with significant presence of ex IFS officer Mr Nagaraj Parthasarathy.
SPIR-IT Summit is one of unique event for the group of like-minded senior leaders in the IT and related industries. We have organized two events namely CXO dialogue on 8th March and HR summit on 9th Oct. IT- Prog-10-03-01 copy

CXO Dialogue: We have invited a group of key C-suite corporate and industry leaders, as a follow up to our earlier summit as well , from IT and related fields to dialogue on the theme of creating wellness structures in the organization through wise leadership.

HR Summit: This was another follow up event for the HR senior leaders from the corporate and industries from IT and related fields to dialogue on the theme of Promoting and implementing structures of wellness among employees in their respective organization.

Event was conducted at Varadhani Bhavan , Bangalore with wonderful spiritual ambience. We have received very active participation from more than 20 companies representing multi nationals as well as Indian origin, represented by nearly 50 leaders divided into 2 groups – CXOs and HR leaders. The participating organizations include Cisco, Philips, Accenture, HSBC, Belden, Synapse, Chipware Technologies, Pardata systems, i4 communications, Zinco, flightshop, Commscope etc. to name a few apart from many others.

The Program highlighted the key problems at work & in today’s life such as Mind Wandering, stress , lack of lasting Peace , happiness & harmony within & outside. The key solution for these is to improve our RESPONSE … ABILITY to various situations in life through Raja Yoga Meditation. It helps in getting rid of the dis- ease of mind and builds holistic Wellness including mind, body & spirit thereby improving Corporate Wellness and mindfulness at work place

Another program was organized on 10th March for all IT and related professionals to give a session on Inner Resilience to Outer Agility. We have about 100 participants from various organizations across different categories took part in this deep divine session conducted sister Aruna Ladva. National co-ordinator, Kuwait.

This Program highlighted that the inner negativety is the major road block to achieve the inner Resilience & outer Agility. The key solution is to build inner positivity & mind power through Raja Yoga Meditation.Raja Yoga Meditation flexes the muscles of the mind to build up mental Resilience and develop Agility & Strength to easily handle any situation. The Program concluded by presenting a brief overview of the Rajayoga , suggested brief ideas as to how to Practice it at work & life and proposed next level steps to bring a positive change within self and work. The family witnessed felicitation of the divine angel. The special class on the topic ‘Coaching the mind’ with proper care &spiritual harnessing you can coach your mind to become best friend and the other concept that the crowd of 300 enjoyed was ‘ Meditation lab ‘ which deals with the difficulties in the yogic path.